Event Calendar for Building D

March 17 - 23, 2019

Thursday, March 21

Dissertation Defense: Deanna Tiek

Candidate Name: Deanna Tiek Major: Tumor Biology Advisor: Rebecca Riggins, Ph.D. Title: Deregulated and Destabilized: Targeting Splicing and...

Dissertation Defense: Deanna Tiek

Name of Student: Deanna Tiek Name of Mentor: Rebecca Riggins, Ph.D. Title: Deregulated and destabilized: Targeting splicing and G-quadruplexes in...

TBS Workshop: Responsible Conduct of Research Series

Reproducibility in Science Guest Speaker: Stephanie W. Watts, PhD Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology Assistant Dean, the Graduate School Michigan State...

Friday, March 22


Speaker: TBA Bio3 Seminar Series sponsored by Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics (DBBB)