May 23 - 29, 2018

Wednesday, May 23

Cybersecurity Law Institute

Learn more about the Cybersecurity Law Institute.

EMPL Online Information Session

Executive Master's in Policy Leadership (EMPL) Program (This event will be conducted online. Prior to the event, you will receive information on how to...

Re-Using Images for Scholarship Purposes

Do you finding yourself wondering whether you can re-use images in authoring articles or book chapters? Have you ever asked how to request permissions? Ever...

Thursday, May 24

Dissertation Defense: Hana Jan

Candidate Name: Hana Jan Major: Linguistics Advisor: Andrea Tyler, Ph.D. Title: A Cognitive Linguistics Approach to Explaining the Polysemy of ‘Alā and...

Walk with Charles

No need to change your clothes or shoes. Just show up and stroll. This walk is approximately 1 mile. Go at your pace. Just go. Every Thursday, 12:30pm, Healy...

Friday, May 25

Dissertation Defense: Miloud Tais

Candidate Name: Miloud Tais Major: Islamic Studies Advisor: Felicitas M. Opwis, Ph.D. Title: Between Revivalism and Reconstructionism: Islam, Reform, and...

Dissertation Defense: Charles Lynch

Candidate Name: Charles Lynch Major: Psychology Dissertation Adviser: Chandan J. Vaidya, Ph.D. Title: Precision Mapping and Transcranial Magnetic...

Saturday, May 26

Sunday, May 27

Monday, May 28

Tuesday, May 29

GUAbroad #TakeoverTuesday

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 Distinguish, Promote, & Simplify your Research Output with ORCID

Do you have a common name or have published under different name variations and want to ensure that you receive proper credit for all of your scholarly...

Dissertation Defense: Miriam Krieger

Candidate Name: Miriam Krieger Major: Government Advisor: Andrew Bennett, Ph.D. Title: Cure or Disease: The Civil-Military Consequences of American...

May 23 - 29, 2018