Tuesday, December 18

Doctoral Defense:  Wen Shen (Physics)

Doctoral Defense: Wen Shen (Physics) 1pm

Doctoral Defense Candidate Name: Wen Shen Major: PHYS Advisor: Jim Freericks Title: 'Theoretical Description of Nonequilibrium Behavior in Charge...

Regents Hall, 351  
Doctoral Defense:  Jason Ager (German)

Doctoral Defense: Jason Ager (German) 2pm

Doctoral Defense Candidate Name: Jason Ager Major: GERM Advisor: Peter C. Pfeiffer, Ph.D. Title: 'Heimat's Sentry: Images Of The Golem In 20th Century...

Edward B. Bunn, S.J. Intercultural Center, 462  
GJIA Release of 'International Engagement on Cyber'

GJIA Release of 'International Engagement on... 4pm

The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs Cordially invites you to attend the publication release of The 2nd edition of ?International Engagement on...

Atlantic Council, Atlantic Council 1101 15th St. NW Wash DC 20005  
Writing for Your Health -- Writing Workshop

Writing for Your Health -- Writing Workshop 6pm

Writing for Your Health An introduction to expressive writing for people with cancer and their caregivers to assist with coping, self-expression and...

Lombardi Cancer Center, Nina Hyde Room  

Tuesday, December 18