Tuesday, May 16

Odysseys of Ancient Civilizations: Adriatic to the Aegean

Odysseys of Ancient Civilizations: Adriatic to... 12am

Travel with alumni and friends from May 8 - 16, 2017 and explore the dynamic crossroads and deep-rooted cultures of Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Slavic...


HARP 9am

HARP Communications If you have ever had trouble relating to someone at work, or if you have ever had difficulty communicating with a colleague, our HARP...

Healey Family Student Center, Herman Room  
HARP Communications

HARP Communications 9am

“HARP” is a program focused on communication. With humor and personal stories, Mary will offer practical solutions you can take back to work and use right...

Healey Family Student Center  
Strengths-Based Leadership

Strengths-Based Leadership 9am

Executive Institute Short Course: Strengths-Based Leadership Whether in an informal or formal leadership role, our influence, performance, and ability to...

Georgetown University  
Dissertation Defense: Ammar Farooq

Dissertation Defense: Ammar Farooq 11am

Candidate Name: Ammar Farooq Major: Economics Advisor: James Albrecht, Ph.D. Title: Essays in Macroeconomic Effects of Labor Market Heterogeneity and...

Edward B. Bunn, S.J. Intercultural Center, 550  
Talk with Keith Ward

Talk with Keith Ward 12pm

This talk engages a number of the themes explored in Keith Ward’s ‘Christ and the Cosmos: a Reformulation of Trinitarian doctrine’ (Cambridge University...

New North, 107  
You’re Graduating. Now What?!

You’re Graduating. Now What?! 12:30pm

Congratulations! You are about to become a Hoya graduate. After 4 years on the hilltop you are about to receive your degree with a bright future ahead. Now...

Blackboard Training Webinar: Building Your Course

Blackboard Training Webinar: Building Your Course 1pm

This workshop is offered online only, as a webinar. The following are some of the topics that will be covered during this webinar: - how to make your...

Echo360 Training Webinar

Echo360 Training Webinar 3:30pm

Our workshops give faculty and staff the opportunity to gain a working knowledge of lecture capture with Echo360. Learn to record and publish your lecture...

ChoMUN Dues

ChoMUN Dues 11:30pm

Welcome to Team ChoMUN! Prior to travel you must pay dues by cash to IRC Treasurer Oyin Ajayi (ora5) or by credit card here. You must also submit the Travel...


Tuesday, May 16