Tuesday, May 15

GUAbroad #TakeoverTuesday

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Dissertation Defense: Gabriel Villarroel

Candidate Name: Gabriel Villarroel Major: Spanish Advisor: Gwen Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. Title: A Fertile Ignorance: Allegory in Felisberto Hernández as a Mark...

GMS Financial Training:  Budget to Actuals Tips & Tricks

This lecture and hands on training will review the Georgetown Management System (GMS) Budget to Actuals Summary (BAR) report. Employees will sign on to a...

Dissertation Defense: Julia Goetze

Candidate Name: Julia Goetze Major: German Advisor: Marianna Ryshina-Pankova, Ph.D. Title: Linking Cognition and Emotion: An Appraisal Study of Foreign...

F-1 Post-Completion OPT Session

This session covers the Post-Completion OPT work authorization, STEM extension, Social Security Numbers (SSN) and tax basics for F-1 students.

The Five-Day Job Search

Imagine your job search is now a full time job, Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Join the Graduate Career Center Coaches on a journey that takes you from...

Senior Mass

Join us for a special Senior Week Mass on Tuesday, May 15 at 5 pm in Dahlgren Chapel! Reception in Dahlgren Quad to follow.

Tuesday, May 15