Dissertation Defense: Hailey Huget

Candidate Name: Hailey Huget

Major: Philosophy

Advisor: Margaret Little, Ph.D.

Title: Moral Status: A Political Approach

In this dissertation I develop a political approach to the subject of moral status. While much of the moral status literature focuses on questions of individual morality—like whether I may permissibly eat meat for dinner or hunt animals for sport—my approach focuses upon a set
of largely neglected moral status questions that arise within the realm of institutional morality. For example: are domesticated animals entitled to the social provision of food, water, shelter, and healthcare? What about human beings with severe cognitive disabilities, or who are in irreversible comas? Should we allocate resources to protect non-human animals from crime and natural disasters, as we do for human beings? To answer these questions, I develop an account of which creatures can make moral claims upon social and political institutions to protection and provision.

Friday, February 14 at 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Healy Hall, 427
37th and O St., N.W., Washington

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Academic Events, Dissertation Defense


Georgetown College, Philosophy, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Defense



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Carina Olsson

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