Komal Sachdeva Thesis Presentation

Digitizing #PublicReach: How Indian Government leverages social media presence for government communication

Over the past few years role of social media has changed greatly. It is no longer just a medium for simply connecting with people and socializing. It has grown to be a significant tool for public deliberation and political mobilization. It also can be agreed upon that the digital media, specifically social media, has made communication process more reciprocal- and that Information can now not only be disseminated but one can also receive feedback to enhance communication process. It can receive simultaneously without the perils of gatekeeping, in comparison with mainstream media.

2014 general elections was a watershed moment in the history for Indian politics for two reasons:  Firstly, the elections resulted in the formation of the most stable government in last 26 years with 2/3rd majority in the parliament; secondly, and most importantly, social media, played a significant role in Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) victory as social media, specifically, twitter, gave political organizations the opportunity to broadcast information on a worldwide stream  and not just their subscribers and have a two-way interaction with the public during political processes and campaigns.

Employing multi method approach of content analysis and statistical analysis, the study outlines how the Indian government uses social media to reach out to Indian citizens online. The study additionally analyzes how the current Indian government leverages its digital presence to establish itself as a credible brand in the eyes of voters and citizens.

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