Linguistics Speaker Series: Coptic Scriptorium: A Linked Digital Environment for Coptic Studies

Coptic Scriptorium: A Linked Digital Environment for Coptic Studies

  • Rebecca Krawiec (Professor and Chair of Religious Studies and Theology, Canisius College)
  • Christine Luckritz Marquis (Assistant Professor of Church History, Union Presbyterian Seminary)
  • Beth Platte (Instructional Technologist, Literature & Languages, Reed College)
  • Caroline T. Schroeder (Professor of Religious Studies, University of the Pacific)
  • Amir Zeldes (Assistant Professor of Computational Linguistics, Georgetown University)

The Coptic language represents the last phase of the Ancient Egyptian phylum of the Afro-Asiatic language family, forming part of the longest continuously documented human language on Earth. Despite its high value for historical, comparative and typological linguistics, as well as its cultural importance as the heritage language of Copts in Egypt and in the diaspora, digital resources for the study of Coptic have only recently become available.

Coptic Scriptorium is an interdisciplinary Digital Humanities project dedicated to providing language documentation resources for Coptic, including linguistically and philologically annotated corpora, online lexical resources and automatic tools for processing the language. In this talk, we will present some of our work in building and using Coptic corpora to explore the world of first millennium Egypt and its language. We will feature the technologies and infrastructures that can enhance research in under-resourced languages as well as the benefits of collaboration across institutions and humanities disciplines, including some examples of our research using the digital research environment. The talk will discuss some of the challenges and solutions we have found and are working on for creating tools such as an online dictionary for Coptic, formulating annotation guidelines, building the first syntactically annotated datasets for the language and linking information about entities such as people and places to work in other projects using Linked Open Data standards.

Friday, September 14, 2018 at 3:30pm

Poulton Hall, 230
1421 37th St., N.W., Washington


Georgetown College, Linguistics

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Conor Sinclair

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