Physics Colloquium: Laser ablation of copper for microelectronics

Dr. Jan Kleinert, Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

Copper is one of the more common elements in the microelectronics industry. We'll review the traditional industrial approaches of laser drilling through copper in the context of micro via drilling in the high-density-interconnect  and flexible printed circuit space. Ultrafast lasers have played only a very minor role in this space in the past due to their low material removal efficiency. However, a recent study by Kerse et al (Nature 537 (7618), pp. 84-88, 2016) suggested a pathway to much higher efficiencies through 'ablation cooling'. We have reproduced a subset of Kerse et al's experiments and modeled the process taking hydrodynamics, multi-phase thermodynamics and the two temperature model into account, which points to a different explanation of the efficiency enhancement.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 3:15pm

Regents Hall, 109
3700 O St. NW

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Academic Events


Students, Faculty/Staff


Georgetown College, Physics




Dr. Jan Kleinert, Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

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Prof. Edward Van Keuren

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