What Islam, Whose Islam: Women Demanding Equality & Justice

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What Islam, Whose Islam:
Creating a Public International Voice of Muslim Women Demanding Equality and Justice in Islam


Zainah Anwar
Director, Musawah

Muslim women activists today are at the forefront in challenging the use of Islam to justify continued discrimination against women and violations of fundamental liberties. They are producing new feminist knowledge, combining Islamic principles, human rights, constitutional guarantees of equality and non-discrimination, and women's lived realities to break the constructed binary between Islam and human rights, and the disconnect between law and reality. They are publicly challenging traditional religious authorities with alternative understandings of Islam in ways that take into consideration changing times and context. Anwar will share the experience of Sisters in Islam and the global movement it initiated, their work and challenges, and the resulting public contestations and hope for change.

Monday, November 19, 2012

1:00pm - ICC 241 (CCAS Boardroom)


Zainah Anwar is a founding member and former founding Executive Director of Sisters in Islam (SIS) and currently the director of Musawah, the global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family. Based in Malaysia, Anwar is at the forefront of the women?s movement pushing for an end to the use of Islam to justify discrimination against women. The pioneering work of SIS in understanding Islam from a rights perspective and creating an alternative public voice of Muslim women demanding equality and justice led it to initiate Musawah in 2009. This knowledge-building movement brings together activists and scholars to create new feminist knowledge in Islam to break the binar

Monday, November 19, 2012 at 1:00pm

Edward B. Bunn, S.J. Intercultural Center, 241
37th and O St., N.W., Washington

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