Georgetown University Graduate Association of Mexican Students

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GUGAMS is a neutral, apolitical, lay and inclusive organization, which objective is to serve the Mexican graduate community at Georgetown by:

1.- Encouraging communication and collaboration across the Mexican community throughout the University.

2.- Recognize issues and concerns affecting the Mexican community and provide ways and means of addressing those issues as efficiently as possible.

3.- Organize events that will bring the GUGAMS community together for prosessional and academic development, as well as social enjoyment.

4.- Foster relations and encourage communication between the GUGAMS community and the Georgetwon alumni from Mexico.

5.- Support the implementation of projects by GUGAMS members and affiliates that can further the development of Mexico.

6.- Promote Mexican culture in Georgetown University and in Washington D.C.

7.- Promote collaborative efforts among GUGAMS, GUMSA, and the rest of the Mexican Student Associations in Washington, D.C. and other universities in the United States

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