Healey Family Student Center

The Healey Family Student Center in New South residence hall is the newest addition to a more vibrant student life on campus and is open to the entire community. A gift from the Healey family helped create the new student center and students provided funding for the outdoor terrace.

3700 O Street NW, Washington, DC 20057

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JumpStart January: Careers in Political Risk

Political risk can simply be defined as the risk of losing money due to changes that occur in a country’s government or regulatory environment. Acts of war,...

1/22 4pm
 JumpStart January 2018: Careers in Foreign Service

Interested in learning more about Careers in the U.S. Foreign Service? This will be an opportunity to Interact with diplomats to learn more about what it...

1/23 10am
 JumpStart January 2018: Careers in Energy

Are you interested in the energy field? There are many ways to approach a career in this sector. SFS graduates thrive in this field through employment in...

1/23 12:30pm
JumpStart January 2018: Careers in Entrepreneurship

What does it take to make it as your own boss? Or join an early-phase start-up? Or to secure funding when you’re competing against business school students?...

1/23 4pm
JumpStart January 2018: Cultural Diplomacy and Educational Exchange

Join us for the opportunity to explore careers where public diplomacy and soft power intersect; leading to the "exchange of ideas, information, art and other...

1/24 12:30pm

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Kuran Malhotra

Kuran Malhotra left a positive review 10/30/2016

Had a great time, awesome service.

Wadhah Al Shugaa

Wadhah Al Shugaa left a positive review 9/10/2016

The day went really, really well. All in all, great way to spend my Saturday morning. One thing to change for next year: have a segment on the interpersonal portion of the interviews where candidates are asked to reflect on stories and experiences where they showed leadership or faced a team conflict. My favorite part of the day was Rebecca's presentation.

Victoria Ma

Victoria Ma posted a photo 2/29/2016

Ike Movie Ike Movie

Healey Family Student Center

Healey Family Student Center posted a photo 8/24/2015