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The Thomas & Dorothy Leavey Center, also known as the student center, is a 255,000-square-foot structure providing recreational and meeting places for students, faculty and staff, as well as a 146 room hotel and conference center and various eating facilities.

3800 Reservoir Road, N.W., Washington

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Kevin Turner

Kevin Turner left a positive review 12/2/2016

Stayed here one summer night. Room was nice, bed was comfy.

John Kim

John Kim left a negative review 10/11/2016

I was disappointed to find that the HSBC event did not take place (or was taking place at a hidden location). I asked the Career Center desk where the HSBC event was happening, and he said he hadn't heard about such an event.

Caitlin Cleary

Caitlin Cleary left a review 4/16/2016

they were okay. Frankly, pretty overhyped

Tara Jabbari

Tara Jabbari left a positive review 3/14/2016

Really informational and interesting!

Thomas Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan left a positive review 2/2/2016

The briefing was amazing and I was surprised at how many people they had to give information about what it's like to work there.

Ihor Jarema

Ihor Jarema left a negative review 4/2/2015

I went to the seminar along with 3 other individuals. None of us were notified of the cancellation. We called the Benefits office and were told that cancellation notices were sent. I went specifically because of a reminder email that I received at 6pm the evening before.

Ding Ye

Ding Ye left a positive review 4/1/2015

Well organized and presented.

Ding Ye

Ding Ye left a negative review 4/2/2015

The meeting was actually cancelled. I registered for it. When I did so, I was not notified about its cancellation. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING!

Leavey Center

Leavey Center posted a photo 3/19/2012