Medical and Dental Building

3900 Reservoir Road, N.W., Washington

The Medical-Dental Building is the architectural landmark for the School of Medicine. It is a four-story structure of 123,000 square feet and houses the administration of the School of Medicine along with the Saint Ignatius Loyola Chapel.

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Dissertation Defense: Carrie Leonard

Dissertation Defense: Carrie Leonard 8/23 11am

Candidate Name: Carrie Leonard Major: Neuroscience Advisor: Maria Donoghue, Ph.D. Title: Distinct Roles for EphA7 Isoforms in Cortical Dendritic...

Dissertation Defense: Valerie Darcey

Dissertation Defense: Valerie Darcey 8/24 10am

Candidate Name: Valerie Darcey Major: Neuroscience Advisor: John W. VanMeter, Ph.D. Title: Investigating the Relationship Between Long Chain Omega-3 Fatty...

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Medical and Dental Building

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