Opioids: Conflicts and Controversies Conference

Registration for our upcoming "Opioids: Conflicts and Controversies" conference, June 13-14, 2019 at Georgetown University Medical Center, is now live!

PharmedOUT will host a conference on June 13-14, 2019 at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C. on the opioid epidemic: “Opioids: Conflicts & Controversies.”

Although opioid prescribing has decreased, it remains too high. Many issues have received scant attention from the medical profession. Is rapid tapering of opioids a good idea? What are effective non-opioid treatments? How are opioids currently marketed? Are nurses targeted differently than physicians for opioid marketing? Does opioid promotion differ in different countries? How does race affect perceptions of the opioid epidemic? How are pregnant women and babies affected by current practices regarding opioids? Our conference is free of industry funding.

The conference will bring together nationally and internationally recognized experts in medicine, nursing, law, pharmacology, and sociology in a unique interdisciplinary conference aimed at fostering collaboration across professions to help address opioid overprescribing. "Opioids: Conflicts and Controversies" will provide 14.25 Continuing education credits, accredited by Medstar health, to physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and physician assistants.

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Registration Rates

$799 Industry and Industry Representatives

$349 Regular

$199 Georgetown affiliates, consumer advocates or nonprofit professionals

$49 Students, residents, and fellows

$0 Government employees (email Sk1880@georgetown.edu)

Thursday, June 13 at 8:30am to 5:30pm

Georgetown University Medical Center New Research Building Auditorium 3900 Reservoir Rd NW Washington, DC 20057

Event Registration Required

This event requires registration.