Healy Hall

Healy Hall is the flagship building on the Main Campus of Georgetown University. It houses academic and administrative offices, as well as the historic Riggs Library and Gaston Hall.

37th and O St., N.W., Washington

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Christians in American Public Life

Christianity Today's recent editorial calling for the removal of President Donald Trump from public office has prompted a wide-ranging and sometimes heated...

1/23 5pm
One Move, One Groove: The 11th Annual Groove Theory Hip-Hop Showcase

Groove Theory One Move, One Groove is an annual hip-hop showcase hosted by Georgetown University’s co-ed hip-hop team, Groove Theory. The showcase...

3/27 7:30pm
Spring Sing

Georgetown Superfood & Georgetown Saxatones This high-energy, charity a cappella concert, hosted by Georgetown Superfood and The Georgetown Saxatones,...

4/4 7pm
Ritmo y Sabor Spring Showcase

Ritmo y Sabor’s 2020 Spring Showcase brings together various styles of Latin dance. The show will feature pieces from the group’s repertoire prepared for...

4/18 7:30pm
Plaza Hoya: Fiestas de mi Pueblo (Hoya Square: Celebrations of my Town)

Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Georgetown Spring Showcase Directed by Carmen Mata (COL’20) and Dulce Perez Briones (COL’20) Festivals heralding the arrival...

4/19 7:30pm

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Messiah Sing-Along


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Emanuel Melton

Emanuel Melton left a review 11/23/2019

While the music was good it was not well organized. People were packed in but seats were still open and the coordinators were t shy about asking people whose purses and jackets occputying seats would move them. They took the easy way out and asked people standing (who could have been sitting in those seats) to leave. This needs to be free but ticketed event so people know they have a guaranteed seat and won't have to be told to leave.

Luiz Andre Garcia Lobo

Luiz Andre Garcia Lobo left a positive review 11/23/2019

The orchestra and the choir gave as an excellent performance. It was great to hear some of the history of Beethoven, and I never get tired of listening to Symphony No. 9. The piano soloist and the guest soloists were the highlights of the evening, but I was amazed by how young everyone was, delivering this a great spectacle. Bravo!!!!

Jhalymarie Aponte

Jhalymarie Aponte left a positive review 2/27/2019

This event was very interesting and I liked that the opened the floor for questions.

Nadia Yevstigneyeva

Nadia Yevstigneyeva left a review 6/27/2018

It was really interesting. Scholars delivered their speeches well and the discussion part was also nice. Although, I was expecting more discussion and panel collaboration between speakers.

Jewel Lipps

Jewel Lipps left a positive review 3/1/2018

Excellent teacher! Even for a beginner, this is a good workshop. It helps to know what can be done with python at the early learning stages.

Jewel Lipps

Jewel Lipps left a positive review 2/15/2018

This was a great, helpful workshop. The slide deck provided online was useful, the instructor explained the concepts well.

Katherine Greene

Katherine Greene left a review 6/2/2015

I have it next Tuesday (June 9th), not this week. Thanks!

Antony Valdez Lopez

Antony Valdez Lopez posted a photo 3/27/2013

Antony Valdez Lopez

Antony Valdez Lopez posted a photo 3/27/2013

The State of Chicano/Latino Affairs The State of Chicano/Latino Affairs

Healy Hall

Healy Hall posted a photo 3/19/2012