Responsible Organizations in the Global Context Conference

Responsible Organizations in the Global Context... 6/15 8am

Georgetown University's Center for Intercultural Education & Development (CIED) is proud to partner with the LAREQUOI Research Center for Management of the...

Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center  
Search Inside Yourself

Search Inside Yourself 6/8 9am

Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership is proud to partner with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) for two...

Copley Formal Lounge, Georgetown University Main Campus  
Garry Kasparov Book Talk:  "Deep Thinking"

Garry Kasparov Book Talk: "Deep... 6/5 12:30pm

Garry Kasparov is widely regarded as the greatest chessplayer in history, becoming the youngest world champion ever at 22 in 1985 and spending twenty years...

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (4 Days) May 31st, June 2nd, 14th & 16th

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (4... 5/31 9:30am

Stephen R. Covey writes, “Interdependence is a higher value than independence.” Effectiveness, he argues, requires us to be collaborative, deliberative,...

Georgetown University Law Center- McDonough 411  
Challenging Conversations

Challenging Conversations 6/13 9am

In the workplace, we all have had challenging conversartions; perhaps one we dreaded or one we ewre suprised by. it may have been about a performance...

Healey Family Student Center  
Presentation Skills Part 1 & 2  May 31st & June 1st

Presentation Skills Part 1 & 2 May 31st... 5/31 9am

Length: 2 days Whether you’re a beginner at presenting or looking to improve your current skills this program is a unique opportunity to build confidence and...

Healey Family Student Center  
Problem Solving/Decision Making Workshop

Problem Solving/Decision Making Workshop 6/20 9am

Doug Hensch, MAOM, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the work he provides for his clients. His philosophy is simple: Set meaningful goals....

Healey Family Student Center  
Cleaning out your Closet:How to Always Have Something to Wear

Cleaning out your Closet:How to Always Have... 6/20 12pm

Donna Davis Cameron, PhD is a university professor with many passions. One of her favorite passions is talking about The Fine Art of Developing Personal...

Resilience Workshop

Resilience Workshop 6/22 9am

What is the difference between people who fail and those that succeed? The research from the last 30 years suggests that it's not education, training, or...

Healey Family Student Center