Dissertation Defense: Kevin Carriere

Candidate Name: Kevin Carriere

Major: Psychology

Advisor: Fathali Moghaddam, Ph.D.

Title: Ingroup and Outgroup Differentiation in Support Civil Liberties under Threat

Feelings of threat arise from a wide variety of sources – from fears of economic burdens, to fears of cultural loss, to fears of death and the unknown.  The violence that emerges when we feel threatened has widespread impact at the psychological-level, developing into support for extreme political actions. This may be why seventy years since signing the Declaration of Human Rights, human right violations are still occurring across the globe. Research has not fully concluded why restrictions of human rights occur when individuals feel threatened, nor whether or not we choose to support the restriction of rights differently depending on whose rights are being restricted. A meta-analysis and three experiments included in this dissertation were conducted with the goals of (1) determining the strength of the relationship of perceived threat on support for the restriction of human rights, (2) identifying if the targeted group of these restrictions moderates the aforementioned relationship, and (3) examining the boundaries of group membership where these determinations of restrictions of human rights occur.  Results show that restrictions of civil liberties and human rights does increase under times of threat, and that this relationship is moderated by target group of the restrictions. When considering the rights of non-citizens, increases in feelings of threat were related to increases in support for the restrictions of civil liberties.

Friday, April 12 at 2:00pm to 4:00pm

White-Gravenor Hall, 206
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